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    Please correct my motivation letter!! URGENT! Many many thanks in advance

    Please kindly correct my draft.

    Thank you in advance

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to apply for the Master of Public Health at xxx starting in September 2010. In the following letter I would like to present my reasons for choosing this program and to provide a general background about me.

    Since my early days at school, I have had a deep interest for the health sciences. From September 2003 to July 2007, I studied at xxxx, graduating with a Master of xxx. I took specific subjects such as Drug Toxicity and Drug Delivery. In my Master's degree, my thesis was on the ‘’xxx’’. I have specialized in planning, performance and evaluation of results obtained from the public and learnt to liaise with other health care professionals.

    I have 2 years of community pharmacy experience including training and one year of hospital experience and have been in charge of providing and promoting health services to the members of public. I engaged with communities through day-to-day activities, which include providing advise the public on safe use of medicines, the treatment of minor ailments and on healthy lifestyle choices, provision of advice to parents of young children, the care and support of drug misusers, visits to the homes of older and housebound people and advice on smoking cessation. I was also involved in organizing pharmacy events on multi-topic health programmes like diabetes management, anticoagulation, nutrition and physical activity etc.

    With an increased need for a holistic view of health problems, I wish to know more of etiology, ways of prevention and control of chronic and infectious diseases, treatment costs, equality of access to health facilities, and ageing. I am interested in the optimization, improvement and development of healthcare systems and processes. Four factors fascinate me about this course: First, the promotion and preservation of people's health. Second, it is a course that really depends on up-to-date knowledge. Third, it is a multidisciplinary course that includes anthropology, sociology, economics, psychology, methodology and medical studies, which I am enthusiastic about. Fourth, epidemiological health policy and management are important aspects which I know well.

    My academic performance has been always good. I have a flexible attitude, and can work well both independently and as part of a team and to work hard, I love new challenges, I enjoy working with people, and I know how to deal with any conflicts that may arise. I am also eager to learn new things so reading is an important part of my day. I enjoy organizing different tasks. I believe that my communication skills and general sociability facilitate my job, and enable me to work constructively with colleagues and students alike.

    The Master of Public Health would enable me become a more effective educator, researcher and service leader. It would also give me the opportunity to become a consultant in the prevention and amelioration of disease, thus promoting public health at local and national level. It is my ambition to be admitted to a course of study and pursue the MPH.

    My future plan is to conduct in-depth research in this field besides working with a professional team in the public health organizations like World Health Organization to assess and improve the processes within health care environments in poor and developing countries. This is driven by my belief that improvement in infectious diseases is the key to improving the quality of life.

    My wish is to pursue a Masters degree which is practice oriented, and I specifically wish to study at xx because it has an international reputation in the field of public health and actively involved in providing up-to-date and authoritive knowledge in health care sector. I intend to do my majors in Epidemiology and Health Policy sciences. One of the most important aspects of this Master's degree is that the schoolhas work-integrated learning, and studying is connected to research and encourages the students to engage in research when they are at the initial phase of writing their master's thesis.
    xx has a sound research base in field of public health specializing in epidemiology. This course would give me a technological edge in the field of public health and help me in fulfilling my aim of becoming a part of the noble cause of eradicating diseases. I would greatly benefit from this course and hope that it will be a symbiotic relation.

    With my extensive experience as both community and hospital pharmacist, I got an opportunity to come across different public health issues. I would like to put to use this knowledge to do my Master in Public Health in xx to enhance my concrete knowledge with quality education and standard degree. I believe that my background, my ambition, and my resourcefulness will enable me to make a valuable contribution to the society and be helpful hand to make a significant difference in public health with the aid of a Master's Degree in Public Health.
    I shall finance my studies myself and with the help of my family.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future regarding the success of my application. Should you require further information of any kind, please contact me as indicated on the attached CV.

    I want to thank you for consideration of my application.
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