Hello, teachers,
Could you please help edit the short essay, thanks.

EQ--- Educational quotient. Maybe a lot of people know this words, but do people really know what EQ is? How to improve our EQ? Below is just my personal thinking about this.
One of the most important things that helps us be possession of high EQ is that we should always be recollected (Can I use this word here?) while facing a dilimma or a difficulty, there is a good deal of facts in this idea. One in difficulty always gets losing his head and makes a wrong decision, after that he comes to realize that if he did not do like that, maybe the situation could become better. So, Calming down to think is the first thing.
The second should be learning from what we experienced. We are human beings, we often make this or that kind of mistakes, such is human nature we feel dismay, but we should learn from them to prevent us from making such a mistake again.
The above is talking about how to improve our EQ learning from ourselves, is there another way? The answer is 'Yes', we also need to be a good listener, to learn from others. 'Two heads are always better than one', we usually can not discover our shortages become of the regular thinking of ourselves, so talking to a good friend about your idea can help you towards a correct direction.

Thanks again.