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    Hello, it is my first time to write a research paper, so it is kind of confusing..
    Though, I made an outline. Can you please check how I've done with this ?

    Outline (Nuclear energy)
    Introduction (P1)
    Issue: Limited amount of natural energy resources.
    Introduce Alternative energy: solar/wind/bio/trash/hydrogen…
    Selection: Nuclear Energy
    Topic: 1) Mechanism, 2) Safety, 3) Efficiency, 4) Current state and 5) Prospect of nuclear power generation.
    -Objective: Is NPG a nice idea to use as alternative energy?

    Body paragraphs (P2~P5)

    Mechanism of NPG (Topic sentence: very generally)
    1) Materials required
    2) Basic mechanism

    Safety of NPG (Topic sentence: Since NPG is using radioactive matters, is it safe enough to be used as a power generation method)
    1) Safety information of materials using in NPG
    2) What experts are saying about safety of NPG
    3) History of NPG accidents.
    4) Other risks of NPG
    5) How safe is it? Compare to others

    Efficiency (Although AE are substituting natural energy resources, efficiency of AE cannot be neglected)
    1) How efficient is NPG? Compare to other Alternative energy generation.
    2) “ ? energy/money
    3) Maintenance
    4) What experts say about this

    Current state
    1) Current state: World
    2) Current state: The USA

    1) Amount of resource
    2) Plans to expend
    3) What experts say about this
    4) Is there any power generation system that would replace NPG?

    Conclusion (P6)
    Summary of research
    Answer: Is NPG a good idea? -> Discuss about NPG (in conclusion)

    *Tell me how's the outline, and tell me if there are other things to write on each section.

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    *** not a teacher ***
    One thing you can add is pros/cons of alternative energies. Tables are usually very good to represent such type of information. :)

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