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    Help with english text

    Hello everyone
    I need help with my article, can you check grammer and understability of my translation ?

    So lets start. First one:

    When do threatened his statutory accident insurance?

    The threat of a statutory accident insurance coverage begins inevitably have on everyday activities of life. If the insured example, when walking from his home to work variances; or break even the way that can damage where there is a accident are no longer covered by insurance, but many of those affected will lose rights to the scope of its statutory accident insurance.
    In addition, however, does not forfeit the coverage if the insured exceeds the daily working time of up to 10 hours, although this view is found on such rights in some companies.

    Second one:

    In short, the financing through the dealer spared the way to bank. Because, whether this with the Department of the manufacturer or an independent automobile finance, such as the CC-Bank cooperates, you must usually only talk to one person - namely, the car salesman or a motorcycle salesman. Because this is in direct contact with its banking partners.

    Furthermore, the financing through the dealer has the advantage that you usually during the sales - for example, if you decide to just wait for the accessories - to credit approval. Finally, you benefit in the dealer financing often from low interest rates for special models. Not infrequently, moreover, is worth the question, whether the favorable financing models also apply for your desired vehicle and not just for special models.

    Thank a lot for your reviews !
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