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    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

    I feel absolutely rancid.

    rancid = bad

    Wife is launched on True Love (gelding) next to two-year-old but unable to help since vertigo attack follows first movement of horse's pole.

    She felt like someone who suffered from vertigo and suddenly found themselves standing on the edge of a deep abyss.

    vertigo = a reeling sensation; a feeling that you are about to fall

    He was unusually distrait as he buttered a slice of toast and cut into one of the rashers on his plate, then after a minute's thoughtful chewing he brought down his hand on the table with a suddenness that made me jump.

    distrait = absent-minded; lost in thought; abstracted

    They must not only eschew evil, but do good.

    Ershew = avoid as something wrong;

    He who obeys, destruction shall eschew.

    ershew = to escape from; to avoid

    No man can pray from his heart to be kept from temptation, if the take no care of himself to avoid it.

    She managed to avoid being punished.

    avoid = prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening

    One could hardly avoid noticing him.

    avoid = elude, escape, eschew, evade, shun

    So Chanticleer, who never saw a fox, yet shunned him as a sailor shuns the rocks.

    shun = avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of

    We have to elude his vigilance.

    He always eludes his obligations.

    elude = escape, either physically or mentally

    To evade a question by seeming not to hear it.

    I was determined not to evade my responsibility.

    So she escaped him, always evading the point of rest and contemplation towards which he always wished to drow her.

    evade = to avoid by the use of one's skill or by contriving

    Thank you for your efforts.


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