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    when is / will be the second interview?


    I need to ask the interviewer a question at the end of the first interview.

    Should I use "is or will be"?

    If I am successful, when is / will be the second interview?

    My opinion:
    Both can be fine.


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    Re: when is / will be the second interview?

    I would ask "Will there be second interviews for those who are selected?"

    If the answer is "Yes", then ask "Can you tell me how long it will be before these take place?"

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    Re: when is / will be the second interview?

    It's pretty presumptuous to assume that you're going to pass the first round!

    However, sometimes - it's happened to me once, I think - applicants know in advance that there will be two interviews (perhaps to test different aptitudes). In this case 'When is the second interview?' is OK. Note: if you use the future, the verbs have to split: 'When will the interview be?


    PS In the more common case, you could use a conditional to make it sound less cocky: 'When would a second interview be - if I were selected, of course?'

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