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Thread: dump on

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    Cool dump on

    In the following sentence some animal living stone statues tighten around our two heros. No gasp to run away, so they have to break out. They decide a foxman statue and the sentence says:

    "They grabbed him, dumped him on his upturned nose, and ran over him."

    Please, for me, it's hard to understand the meaning of dump on here.

    Have they knocked down the figure and has it fallen over its own nose, to let them pass over?

    Thank You
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    Re: dump on

    Your heroes have done just that.

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    Re: dump on

    Hi Bushwacker,
    To "dump" something brings to mind the image of a trash can being turned over and the contents falling on the ground. So when it says they "dumped him on his nose", it means that he was picked up and then dropped, and he landed on the ground with his nose first.

    Also, I wouldn't think of "dumped on" as being connected here. they [dumped him][on his upturned nose]

    There are cases where "get dumped on" can be used as a phrasal verb to mean "get criticized, blamed, or insulted" by people who are of higher status.

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