Nowadays a lot of people prefer to eat out than to cook home. Going out for dinner is not a new habit at all. From medieval times people were having places in the town where they could drink and eat. At present, these types of places are called restaurants, bars, cafes, fast foods, etc. There are many reasons for which people enjoy eating out: meeting friends, having fun; less time spent in kitchen, more time for themselves, etc. Time is actually one of the main reasons. People are extremely busy nowadays, thus, cooking home is seen like wasting time in vain.
People who invented fast foods (and called them “fast”) understood this situation very well and proposed a valuable solution. At first sight, fast foods fit exactly in the problematic area, and both parts (the seller and the consumer) are satisfied. Actually, the fast foods cause the problem, and do not solve it. It was demonstrated that most of the fast foods do not use bio products to prepare the food they sell. They use genetically modified products which are dangerous for humans’ health. Furthermore, the results of many statistics and researches show that one of the main causes of the continuously increasing obesity problem is this kind of food. What should we do to avoid such kind of problems?
Nutritionists propose natural food for a healthy organism. Natural food must always include fruits and vegetables, cereals, natural meat, etc. When we eat out we can not know what kind of products contains our food. So, cooking home would be a first step that must be made by those who want to have a “bio life”. Another advantage is that homemade food is usually cheaper than the food bought in a restaurant. I agree that it takes more time to cook than to order, but for many people cooking is also relaxant and it is a healthy life style, from the psychological point of view.
In conclusion, I would like to point out that eating home is much better than eating out. Fast foods are good time savers (even though there are huge cues sometimes, which make the whole process not so fast anymore), but eating homemade food helps to increase our health. We should never forget that a healthy body ensures a healthy mind as well. Thus, health must be the first thing we think about, before ordering a hotdog.

And this is how I structured my essay:

Thesis – Fast foods are not so good for the society.
1.People prefer eating out because they do not have enough free time for cooking.
2.Fast foods are good time savers, but they sell unhealthy food.
3.The alternative/the solution is cooking and eating home.