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    confusing expressions

    1)Torturing democray

    That is a famous documentay of the PBS.

    what is the meaning of the title

    A(?)democracy that tortures, the(?) democracy that tortures

    or The torturing (verb) of democracy (object) which is to torture democracy ?

    ## the article has been omitted or not ?

    2) Designing woman,

    Similarly, It is a classic movie title.

    again , a woman who designs, the woman who designs or

    a woman who is manipulative and dishonest
    A.... , the

    3) Becoming Jane Austin,

    the title of a book, what is the meaning ?

    4) strictly come dancing

    the title of a british tv programme.

    could you analyze the constituting words syntactically and semantically?

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    Re: confusing expressions

    A designing woman is someone who is manipulative. Someone who is becoming Jane Austin is becoming like Jane Austin.

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