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    regular & irregular verbs list

    hi this is bala,

    i would like to know all regular and irregular verbs.pls help me to send the list.


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    Hi, bala
    if I were to send you a list of regular and irregular verbs, it would be endless. So I will write you a few rules that apply to regular verbs.
    Firstly you have to make three columns, like this

    Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle ( e.g. the verb want)
    want wanted wanted

    Regular verbs have the same Past Simple and Past Participle, you only have to add an -ed to your infinitive. But you have to be careful with verbs that end with an -e e.g. close _ closed also verbs like study studied and verbs like dig e.g. digged.

    There are lists of irregular verbs in every grammar book on the market.
    You could try to pick the most important ones.

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