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    Using the term "definition"

    I'd like to know if the two forms below are correct:

    "book layout definition" and "definition of book layout"

    If so, what´s the difference between them?

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    Re: Using the term "definition"

    Hi there luciakino,
    It's better to say it like your 2nd version - "the definition of 'book layout'" in normal cases.

    There are some technical cases where you would use it in the other way, but when you're talking about the definition of a word or phrase, this is the correct way to go.

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    Re: Using the term "definition"

    If I wantd to use the expression in a sentence like this:

    "They're working on the book layout definition."
    "They're working on the definition of the book layout."

    Is the second one still a better choice? (I have this doubt because in my first language, both translates to the same thing)

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