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    Question "in a lonely way" & "by oneself"...

    Dear Teachers,

    Recently, I wrote a sentence, “He is walking in a lonely way.” However, someone told me that it’s better to write like this, “He is walking by himself.” It sounds natural for the native speakers.

    The problem is that I feel “he is walking by himself” only tell the fact that he is walking alone without anyone but the sentence doesn’t show how other people feel about his “walking”.

    Does “he is walking by himself” also contain the meaning of “his walking style makes other people think he is lonely”?

    With Regards


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    Re: "in a lonely way" & "by oneself"...

    The correction doesn't caryy the idea you wish to express, but the original doesn't really work for me. In speech you could say something like 'he looks lonely the way he's walking', or 'from the way he's walking, he looks lonely'. If he's not lonely, and the assumption is wrong, then you could say 'from the way he's walking, you'd reckon he's lonely lonely'.

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