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    Could you help as soon as possible.

    There is a tendency for Saudi people to believe that Jeddah is ones of the oldest cities where Grandmother and Grandfather of mankind (Eve & Adam) had lived. Jeddah's name belongs to Grandmother's name in Arabic caller and her grave is existed until now in Jeddah. Nevertheless, Norwich has a long old history which belongs to old centuries. Our comparing result seems to find that there are so many differences as much as similarities. However, this essay concentrates on some of the similarities such as ....... and some of the differences such as ...... respectively.

    Jeddah and Norwich both have some similarities to a certain extent. One of main similarities between them is that they both are huge urban. On one hand Jeddah is the second largest city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is located in the western region of Saudi Arabia on the coastline of the sea. This specific location has given Jeddah the main commercial role in the Saudi economy and consequently became the first contributor or provider to Saudi income. Nowadays Jeddah consist of 4167varieties factories such as petroleum, food and heavy industries.
    On the other hand Norwich also has a respectable position that Norwich is the forth commercial city of England. No ignorance that industrial revolution industrial has affected on the whole Europe countries. Norwich realised and seized the opportunity of development. However, most of England cities grew during this time. Furthermore these commercial positions of both cities have been participating to increase their population for long time. Which factor has affected on the process of population changing.
    The new situation of these cities had advantages as well as disadvantages. It was good reason to exist some new job opportunities. Consequently some of people had to live there to find a respectable job. Thus that was the main factor which plays a strict role for a huge number of populations in both cities.
    These coincidences enforce both governments which had to do some kind of improving their new life style to be consistent with their needs. Therefore they had to provide them some funding and facilities such as road networks, health care, public services and Governmental institutions.
    Conversely, under no circumstances can Jeddah function in the same way of Norwich. it would seem that Jeddah infrastructure as well as Norwich. However, both are enormous urban communities, their population is different. In 2005 Jeddah recorded number of population with over 3.400,000 Million people. There is no doubt that the population number swells to 15,000 people in the summer when the tourists attend in the tourism season. Differently, Norwich city consists of about 135,800 people. Gridlock is surrounded by many acres of farmland which is devoted mainly to growing corn and soybeans.
    A second way in which of these two cities is not similar is the infrastructure. Norwich was built on a solid foundation which easily observes its rainfall over the year. Jeddah has not good infrastructure as strong as other Saudi cities. Old Jeddah mayors have not considered issues relating global warming or climate change. Thus they have ignored the infrastructure to build a modern city. Currently this problem appears on the surface. Jeddah has a modern style of buildings such as tower blocks which was built by concrete whereas Norwich has also a good traditional style of house building. However, the weather should be the first different between two cities. Jeddah is sweltering most of the year except in winter season. Apparently Norwich is by far colder than Jeddah.
    In conclusion as we have previously seen Jeddah and Norwich have different ways show themselves. They also have variety things in common. Overall it seems to be the similarities are more than differences.

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    Re: Could you help as soon as possible.

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