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    Talking I need help with grammar on paragraph PLEAZE

    I need help on grammar and to setting up the paragraphs to be in the past and for the second paragraph i needed to be in the present. please i need to improve my grammar it will mean a lot to me, please. no won has gotten an "A" paper in my professor class.

    On the first paragraph my professor wants these topics 1.topic sentence focus on creator/victim/choice 2. define victim 3. give victim example 4. define creator 5. discuss how the situation would have been different if you had acted as a creator rather that a victim 6. transitional sentence

    for the second paragraph, 1.topic sentence focus on creator/choice 2.present creator example 3. discuss what other can learn from you experience 4. concluding sentence

    Solutions towards a Creator Path
    PARAGRAPH1. Victims are people who blame everyone else for their unsuccessful results. A victim would say, “I hate English class,” or “I didn’t learn anything in this class.” Victims take no action to improve, but their inner defense blames it on other people for the unsuccessful results. For example, I took a test and got a low score. I blamed it on the teacher for giving us uninteresting lectures. On the other hand, creators find solutions to their own problems in order to make the best choices. For example, if I took the test and scored low, I would have sought solutions for improvement. I would be on task and always make good choices to prepare for the next exam. Before the test, I could have studied with a friend and we could have quizzed each other on topics out of the book to prepare us for the exam. But as a victim, I waited until the last minute to study for the test. I blamed it on my friends for distracting me by playing games with them. As a victim, I didn’t prepare for the test and got an “F.”
    PARAGRAPH2. As a creator I thought about the choices I can make to advance in a situation. Whenever I don’t stay focused on finishing my homework, I listen to classical music. I choose to be more assertive and when my friends ask me to hang out with them, I say, “no.” But I team up with classmates who will help me become more prepared for the assignments, which always helps. I would to think to myself, what are some of the things that will help me improve in my English class. I know Cerritos has wonderful programs to help me out with writing. There’s a writing center and a reading center, to help me prepare and learn from my mistakes. As a creator, I’m always looking for the best choice that will get me a passing grade.
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