The In Charge
Banco de Hhhhh
Jjjjj - Kkkk Branch
Lllll Bldg, Mmmm Blvd, Cor. Nnnn Ooooo, Ppppp Qqqq

Dear Sir,

In compliance with the requirements, enclosed is the filled up Electronic Banking Enrollment Form together with the copy of the Transaction Reference Number for your information and quick reference. Below are my account details (which you can find also at the enclosed form):

Account Name Account Number Account Type Branch
Aaaaa B. Cccccc 0000000 Savings Dddddd Branch

I already enrolled the electronic banking through your website; however, as specified I still have to submit printed Enrollment Form with my signature therein to activate my account.

Please acknowledge the receipt thereof. Many thanks.

Very truly yours,

Eeeee F. Iiiiii