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    help in change of voice

    please can anyone help me out in changing the voice of the following sentences, I'm having problem in that. Actually am not understanding in which voice are these sentences. Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Give me your father's name and address.
    2. Please excuse us, Sir.
    3. Please allow us to go.
    4. We saw him talking to the station master.
    5. Let me talk to him.
    6. Plant it.
    7. Bring me food.
    8. Open the door.
    9. I agree this is a extreme case.
    10. Stop the machine.
    11.Freedom has to be safeguard.
    12.Hang him.
    13. Don't inform the police.
    14. Stop.
    15.Will they catch me?

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    Re: help in change of voice

    I am not a teacher.
    I should be aware of the notion of transitivity of a verb.
    Transitive verb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Intransitive verb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    You can't change the voice of a sentence whose predicate is intransitive. Try to identify which of the above are such.
    Another thing is that most of these are in the imperative mood. It's not always impossible to change the mood in such cases but you would never use it. The problem is that to change the mood you need to change the subject of the sentence. The subject of the sentence "Excuse us." is you. The verb is transitive and the object is we. So to make the passive voice of it we must build an imperative sentence with we as a subject. So we would no longer tell that person to do something but we would tell ourselves to be excused. And it changes the meaning of the sentence.

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