I appreciate any suggestion (grammar etc) in relation to my article.
(This a translation from Farsi to English).(the proper nouns are replaced with X).
"This paper is seeking to analyze a theory which has been introduced by one of the X-ian intellectuals regarding the analysis of politics and reforms in X .
“ X”, having put forward the theory of “ Nation-State Rebuilding”(1), during the recent years, has struggled to analyze the X-ian reformist movement in contemporary history, and prescribe a practical model for reforms in X .
The author of this article, reviewing this theory, proceeds with a discussion and critique of the initial foundations of this theory, then revealing its incorrect claims ; also reflecting on the vane of Nation-States and emergence of a phenomenon naming Globalization( as an option and ideal), describes the logical but harmfulness consequences and outcomes of emphasizing on the Nation-State project , and hazardous orientations of suggesting such a theory in present age .

X once had said that “X, leaving the gap in analysis of politics, led to flowering of Lenin’s Theories, and ultimately we faced X–X . Now we want to see whether X’s theory, “ Nation-State Rebuilding”, practically prone to make the ground for flowering of X, and impose the experiences like Marxism-Leninism .
The importance of present analysis lies in the fact that during the this century many of the X-ian reformist’s failures and frustrations have been resulted from our intellectuals’ misunderstanding of the existing conditions , reforming movement, and consequently some recommendations that they have proposed.

It is good enough to take a look at the X-ian intellectuals’ prescription at a critical time when X was taking the reins of power, they were banging the drum for nationalism so heavily that uncared for freedom; or prescription of X-ian intellectuals in X revolution , which practically directed them to follow X clergy, the left or religious ideological ‘savor–of- mankind‘ theories ."