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    Art Puzzles

    I've created some fun art puzzles, with works from Warhol, O'Keeffe, Parrish and more, to integrate into an art unit. Here's the link, if it may perhaps be useful to you as well:

    Art Puzzles - Learn English Communicatively - WordSpark

    They are lots of fun and, from a pedagogical standpoint, encourage learning by engaging spatial and visual intelligences through the use of authentic art. I've started with a selection of American art, but I'm interested in hearing of some other artists and works you'd like me to include. Thanks!

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    Re: Art Puzzles

    That's a nice resource and I've added it to my English for Artists page (TEFLtastic English for Artists and Art Students and English through Art Games and Worksheets), but I wonder how you can use it in class to get a lot of language out of it

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    Re: Art Puzzles

    Thanks for the reply and link! Here are a few ways I've used them with my students:

    1. For Beginner levels, I have them choose a puzzle to complete. After completing it, I then have them fill out a worksheet where they list the colors used in the picture and describe the picture in simple terms. We also discuss whether they like the picture or not.

    2. For Intermediate levels, I teach art vocabulary and discuss some of the different styles of art. I then show them the page where all the puzzles are listed with the thumbnails (here) and we discuss the style of the pictures, such as realism, landscape, pop art, folk art, surrealism, etc. They then choose a puzzle or two to complete in a particular style and I have them write a couple of paragraphs telling me why they like the style they chose and their feelings on the artworks of that style.

    3. For Advanced levels, I do a review of art vocab and styles. Oftentimes, I'll focus on one style or the work of one artist to examine in-depth. I usually like to cover pop art, surrealism, or some other form that is particularly eye-catching to keep their interest. They then can use the puzzles as a jumping-off point for independent research on the subject.

    I have also had success in developing cross-curricular activities. If my students are in art class, I can sometimes coordinate with the art teacher so that we are both covering similar subjects at the same time.

    One thing I like about using jigsaw puzzles to teach is that it encourages students to focus on the details of the picture while they are completing the puzzle. This makes it much more memorable for them and I find that it gives them a lot of inspiration for speaking and writing.

    These puzzles are also a great reward or activity to do in the computer lab, depending on your specific teaching situation.

    These are just a few of my ideas. I'd love to hear any ideas that others have for using these!

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