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Thread: on or in?

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    Smile on or in?

    Is it correct to say: 'when Sarah gets up on a morning, she may press the snooze button'.

    I used this phrase in the context of Sarah waking up any morning, not today (this morning) or tomorrow (in the morning).

    I was informed that I should have said: 'when Sarah gets up in the morning, she may press the snooze button'.

    I was told that to say 'on a morning' is a colloquialism however several colleagues disagree for a wide variety of reasons.

    I would appreciate an expert opinion please.

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    Re: on or in?

    It is correct to say "in the morning" to refer to the general case (i.e, any unspecified morning): "I usually get up in the morning at six o'clock."

    I don't recall ever having heard "on a morning" used in AmE, although, with a modifier ("on a cloudy morning", "on a Sunday morning") it's quite common. This would, however, make it less general than what you have in mind.


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