Hi every one ,
I would like to tell about my first job experience.I would appreciate some one to make a correction if it is there any mistakes.

Thanking all,

I have completed my Bachelore of Science.I got a job in "XYZ" MNC company.My first day in the company was awesome,i got little nervous when i saw the people roaming there.Some folks were chatting with girls infront of cafeteria.I was happy to see such a good company and about my career growth.Initially we had a training for one month in that i got many good friends.I analysed working together makes a good team.After one month i went to the floor to work on a project.All my collegues are helped very much. After the good performance from every one in the project, lead had given a small party in a restaurant.It was very good and we enjoyed a lot in the party.We were making fun on with each other and dancing ,singing together in the party.