Dear everyone,

Please check my draft below. Many thanks in advance.
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Date : February 8, 2010
To :
Ms. Aaaaa Bbbb

In-Charge, Room Reservation
Ccccc Hotel
Dddddd Eeeee
Tel. Phone No.:
Fax :
Subject :

Dear Ms. Bbbb,

I presumed you were able to talk with Mr. Osama, our office accountant this afternoon in your office to settle the downpayment for the room accommodation of our guest, Mr. Jjjjj which will commence tonight. And I also presumed that he already advised you to CANCEL the usage of credit card of Mr. Kkkkk as a mode of payment for all the expenses incurred by Mr. Jjjjj during his stay in your hotel.

Relative to this, may I request a confirmation letter from you cancelling the usage of credit card of Mr. Kkkkk and stating that all expenses of Mr. Jjjjj shall be paid through cash.

Again, please find below the details for your immediate reference:

Confirmation No : lllllllllll
Guest Name : Mr. Jjjjjj
Check In : February 8, 2010 (Monday)
Check Out : February 10, 2010 (Wednesday)
Room Type : Executive Room, King Bed Size

Please also be reminded that all the expenses of Mr. Jjjjj are taken cared of by us.

I apologize for the inconvenience I may make. I am looking forward for your valuable reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks and regards,

Sincerely yours,

Mmmmm Nnnnn
Executive Secretary