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  1. Stanislaw Moszuk

    Hand writting in official letters

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I speak, read and write (I dare to say) fluent English. Writing official letters is no novelty to me either. I do however have a technical problem and I would be thankful for your help.

    When writing official letters in Polish (my native language) it is considered extremely elegant and polite to print out an official letter but with no "dear Sir" and "Yours truly" part.

    These, along with a signature, are then hand written (with fountain pen) by whoever is sending the letter. Such practice is considered to show extra care and respect of the sender of the letter towards the addressee.

    Is this known/used/acceptable practice in English (culture)? If no, is there anything that can be done to make letter more "elegant"?

    Thank you for your time and kind help.

    Yours truly,

    Stanislaw Moszuk

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    Re: Hand writting in official letters

    No - because so many advertising letters are produced with printed intros and salutations to mimic handwriting, so it is not regarded as of value.

    An elegant letter is one in which layout and spacing is well-planned and suitable to the page available.

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