I would like someone to check my text for grammatical mistakes and to tell me is it good and what is wrong.

Last week, a survey of 32 students in high school was conducted by my group. Thirteen out of thirty-two preferred scientific subjects, no one was satisfied with Croatian school system. A majority was overwhelmed with amount of studying and only one student was never overwhelmed with amount of studying.

Furthermore the survey revealed that nearly two thirds said they sometimes cheat on exams. 100% thinks knowledge is more important then grades. It seems that most students are satisfied with relations in classroom. Very few students think that teaching methods are good.

However, there was a twist to all this: when asked about reducing subjects nearly 100% said they would reduce number of subjects,.

The students who were questioned in the survey produced narrow range of negative comments. Examples include: “We should be prepared for matura in school”; “We are overwhelmed with amount of studying and we would reduce number of subjects.”

Researchers at the classroom were not in the least surprised by the results. Everything was as expected. The results confirmed what have been suspected for a long time – school is place where we struggle for grades, not for knowledge; school are stressful, hard and not well organized.

Students had not been motivated by teachers and they do not find classes interested. School is often thought to be stressful. Students can be learned to accept school as place where they absorb knowledge.