Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

The cars moved to the curb so that the fire engine could get by.

get by = to be able to go past; pass

Mary can get by with her old coat this winter.

The janitor does just enough work to get by.

I can get by on very little money, if necessary. I can be frugal.

get by = to satisfy the need or demand

The soldier thought he could get by with his dirty rifle.

The boy got by without answering the teacher's question because a visitor came in.

You can't get by with being late every morning.

get by = not to be caught and scolded or punished

We'll get by somehow, don't worry.

get by = manage to succeed or get along; also, barely succeed

When our kids don't have toys, they make do with pots and pans.

John did not have a hammer, and he had to make do with a heavy rock.

This motel isn't what we wanted, but we must make do.

Many families manage to make do on very little income.

make do = use whatever you can find, substitute; to use a poor substitute when one does not have the right thing

January 1, payment of the contract was suspended.

Two tax officials were suspended from their posts pending investigation into charges of corruption.

suspend = make inoperative or stop

God hath suspended the promise of eternal life on the condition of obedience and holiness of life.

suspend = to make to depend

Suspend your indignation against my brother.

The officer was suspended from duty while his case was examined.

suspend = to cause to cease for a time; to hinder from proceeding; to interrupt; postpone

These monkeys can suspend from the branches by their tails.

suspend = hang

Thank you for your efforts.