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    "Structure works". Please check.

    Hello again,

    Thank you in advance for your corrections:

    Both live and dead loads are supported by the floor system that transfers these loads to beams and columns or load bearing walls. Structural steel or concrete framing are the most commonly used structure systems. Concrete structures require formwork and shoring to shape and support fresh concrete until it cures and can support itself. Optimal temperature and moisture conditions have to be kept during concrete cured. In case of inappropiate weather conditions, concrete must be protected with plastic membranes or using additives. To avoid possible airspaces, fresh concrete must be vibrated during its poured. Reinforcing bars serve as tensile (and compressive when needed) reinforcement. Longitudinal bars, stirrups and lateral ties distribution must respect a minimun concrete covering to protect steel from corrosion. The quantity, diameter, lengh, shape and separation between steel components is defined by a qualified structural engineer. Steel structures assembly is faster than concrete structures, however, fire-resistive coatings are required because steel can lose strengh rapidly in a fire.
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