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    Façades (thank you for your help)

    Hello again,

    This time I am writting about façades. Tell me what you think. Thanks:

    The façade protects the interior of the building from weather and external noise. Façades consist of both an inner and an outter wythe with an airspace in between. The outter wythe can be a load bearing or a non-load bearing wall. Inside the load bearing walls range we find brick, concrete block or stone masonries, which are composed of modular building blocks bonded together with mortar and often reinforced with steel bars. There are also precast concrete walls which are cast off site and set in place as rigid components. Non-loadbearing walls are masonry or stone, veneers, metal cladding, wood siding and glass, metal, fiber glass or concrete panels curtain walls. These walls carry no loads and are wholly supported by the steel or concrete structure of the building. Different metal devices may be used to secure the outer wythe to the structure. An uneven finished of the slab edge may be avoided by using a metal secondary structure slightly separated from the structure and transfering the weight of the façade to it. This sub-structure is an essential component of a curtain wall. It consist of a metal frame where panels are fixed. A wide variety of isolating materials is currently marketed (polyurethane foam, fiber glass, rock wool, poliestyrene foam,...) Depending on the façade section detail, isolation must be placed on the outter or on the inner wythe. If the isolating mat is stuck to the inner wythe, the airspace between both sheets needs a ventilation and drainage system to evacuate eventual condensation moisture that might occur, being a "non-sheltered" space. If the isolating mat is attached to the outter wythe of the façade it would enclose a sheltered airspace so no ventilation is required.

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    Re: Façades (thank you for your help)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillnetter View Post
    Here are some changes for you to consider. I am unsure of the meaning of "non-sheltered" space and what its' relationship to the sentence is.

    I don't know if "non-sheltered" makes any sense. I meant that the airspace inside the two walls is a cold space because the isolation is on the inner wall:


    Following this sketch condensation moisture will always appear during cold weather.

    Maybe I could say:
    "because it is a cold airspace"

    instead of:
    "being a non-sheltered space"


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