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    Cool half-over

    In this sentence,a man has been attacked by two dogs and slammed into the wall by one of them and then:

    He was dragged half-over with the dog's weight

    Does it mean he was dragged by a third dog which dragged one of the the dogs too?


    I think better I give the paragraph. In there there are other words I don't quite catch its meaning, like sprawl..

    He glimpsed brown backs and yellow teeth and smelled the open-sewer stench. Then a gnasher clamped bonebreaking jaws onto his knee-high boot. Another leaped and slammed him into the back wall. Savage teeth snagged his doublet, and he was dragged half-over with the dog's weight. A third vaulted its comrade and snapped teeth like a bear trap. Only his wild flailing saved his right hand. Tripped by the dog tugging his leg, Tamlin sprawled on hands and one knee, all too aware his throat was vulnerable to attack.

    In black what's I don't quite understand. My vision is that he stands till he trips, but then I don't catch this sprawled on hands...

    Any assistance for some visual idea about what is happening, please

    Thank You
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    Re: half-over

    That is a really dreadful piece of writing

    The man is standing near a wall, so that the dogs' attack throws him against the wall. He is pulled off his balance by the weight of the dogs and drops forward onto one knee with his hands supporting his torso. In this position he can easily be killed by a dog tearing out his throat.

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    Re: half-over

    Dragged half over means he was pulled until he was almost falling or half falling.

    Tripped by the dog tugging his leg means he was taken off balance and fell over.

    Sprawled on hands and one knee means the position he was in after he fell.

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