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    Various Questions

    1. What's the meaning of the TV series "Nip / Tuck"?

    2. Can "cuisine" be "prepared"? Or should we say "meals" instead?
    eg. Cuisine / Meals will be prepared by a guest chef.

    3. Should I use "when" or "where" in the following sentence:
    You will be allowed to bring a guest to this facility, where / when guests are normally not admitted.

    4. The Chairman will double / double up as the Treasurer.

    5. Can "duty-free" be used as a noun? A duty-free? Or a duty-free shop?


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    Re: Various Questions

    1 Nip & Tuck is a reference to plastic surgery

    2 In that sentence, use meals. Cuisine is used to describe the food of a country or region.

    3 Where

    4 Either, though 'double' sound better to me

    5 Or a duty-free shop

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