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Thread: a ball of fun

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    a ball of fun

    What does a 'ball of fun' mean? Is it a common expression? If so, is the use of this expression limited to certain group of people (like teenagers, young kids, etc.) or not?

    To give a context, I added below a conversation between a priest and a married woman. The woman had an affair and the priest knows that.

    GABRIELLE: Okay. You can stop condemning me with your eyes. Right now. I know you know, about the affair. But you know nothing about my life. Look, itís not even an issue anymore. John and I are finished.
    FATHER CROWELY: Gabrielle, the church is pretty clear on this. If you commit a mortal sin, and you die without repenting, you go to hell.
    GABRIELLE: Well, aren't you just a ball of fun. (you are having fun by talking like that?) So, if I confess, it'll clean the slate, right?

    Thank you!

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    Re: a ball of fun

    It is reasonably common and is not constrained to young people. In this context [a woman confessing to an illicit affair to her unsympathetic priest who wants her to consider the effects of her actions] the speaker is being sarcastic, implying that he is completely lacking in humour and sensitivity.

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