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    Smile other stuff happened with water...

    Hello, I 've read these sentences in a children's chapter book.
    I can't follow what the underlined part means.
    In the story the boy washed his clothes himself for the first time using a washing machine and a dryer. Please help!

    Girl: How come your T-shirt is pink and why are your clothes all wet?
    Boy: I washed them and the red socks made all the white things pink.
    And then the dryer wouldn't work, and other stuff happened with
    water and soap power and the vacuum cleaner.

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    Re: other stuff happened with water...

    I can just see the mess! I would say he had dyed his clothes pink and wanted to get the dye out so must have used a lot of soap and water, which foams up and gets all over the floor so he tries to dry the clothes and vacuum it up with the vacuum cleaner which, of course, is not intended to take in water.

    He's using "other stuff ... " as a shorthand for explaining that he made a mess.

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