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Bureau for Academic Recognition
and International Exchange

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing regarding the MOE Taiwan Scholarship Program. With this letter, I would kindly like to introduce my candidature.
I gained my master's degree in American Studies in 2008 and I am eager to continue and enrich my education. Because of my main interests of study Taiwan would be the most suitable place to do so.

I have always been concerned about Asia Pacific issues and have general interest in this geopolitical region. Republic of China is that extremely specific place, only recognized by a few countries in the world, at the same time being one of Asia's greatest economic powers. Researches I have done for my bachelor's ('Tibet in the system of the People's Republic of China') and master's ('Issei and Nisei. Two generations of Japanese Americans in the United States, on a model of California)' thesis only made me more aware of complexity of US-China-Taiwan Triangle, therefore I would like to study this matter in its epicenter.

Obtaining the scholarship would hopefully allow me to participate in Doctor of Philosophy program at the Department of Political Science and get to know the Taiwanese point of view on this issue. Only complete cultural immersion would let me discover actual relations between Taiwan, People's Republic of China and United States, not only political and economic relations, but also social.

As a graduate from American Studies I have great knowledge of American political matters, politics in a global sense, but also US policy towards particular regions of the world, including the one in Taiwan Gulf. I am now determined to study about international relations from Taiwanese, or in a wider sense, Asian point of view. I hope this would lead me to writing a thesis about comparison these two different regions.

My knowledge of English, and hopefully after Mandarin course, reasonable knowledge of Chinese would allow me to access enormous amount of Taiwanese literature, documents and scripts which before was out of my range.

Studying in Taiwan would also allow me to fulfill my educational dream and would be a huge asset to my future career, as my goal is to become an educator, and be specialized in Sino-American relations.

I am strongly convinced that my former education, desire to learn and perpetually positive attitude will allow me to be an asset to Taiwan Scholarship Program. I would be most grateful if you could give my application your most favorable consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Ground research plan

Research project topic

The research project will be an effort to analyze relations between Taiwan, People's Republic of China and United States of America, with a special indication on superpowers, on the example of PRC and USA.
The thesis will consist the followings:
1. Historical sketch of Taiwan and its geopolitical location.
2. The beginning of R.O.C. and its steps towards independence.
3. Taiwan in the international arena.
4. Definition of relations between China and Taiwan; PRC's relations with nations that recognize Taiwan as an indepentent country.
5. Taiwan's political, economic and social relations with USA.
6. Taiwanese people's attitude towards independence and sovereignty of their nation.
7. Attempt to answer the questions about the future of Taiwan, will the status quo be maintained, will the PRC s efforts to make Taiwan its republic come true.

Rationale for the project

Republic of China is a very unique region. Even thought, it's one of the leading economic powers in the world, and the 4th Asian Tiger, the truth is, that it only is recognized as a country by 23 nations. Taiwan's relations with PRC and USA are not clear, it seems that the status quo cannot last forever, and Taiwan Gulf might be crucial for future Sino-American relations. For these facts I believe it is worth studying the reasons of the status quo and trying to evaluate the consequences it may lead to.