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    Smile How to use "i.e."or "e.g."or"etc" appropriately

    I'v got a question.When writing an essay in IELTS EXAMINATION (GENERAL TRAINING),is it appropriate to use "i.e."or "e.g."or"etc" instead of using their general expression such as "that is"or"for example"or"and so on"?If I used "i.e."or "e.g."or"etc" in my essay writing,would it be better to enhance the level of my essay?

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    Re: How to use "i.e."or "e.g."or"etc" appropriately

    (Not a teacher)
    I have seen the abbreviations used throughout modern, widely published, literature and would therefore believe it appropriate to use in an essay. It is probably best to ask the person marking the essay for their opinion however.

    Good luck.
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