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    Cool be a touch concerned

    Someone is looking for someone else who is missing, and say

    I'm a touch concerned

    What does it mean? Perhaps, I'm worried?

    Thank You
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    Re: be a touch concerned

    Yes, "concerned" means "worried". "A touch" means "a bit".

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    Re: be a touch concerned

    This is a form of humour called UNDERSTATEMENT, and it is very English. By saying something is very small you actually mean it is very big. For instance, you would use the phrase, leaving the mass murderer murderer in charge of the elementary class was a slight cause of worry.
    The executives were a touch concerned about the product launch, there were those who considered the proposed Dead Cat flavour chips may not receive universal approval. This is understatement.
    A touch concerned does literally mean a little worried, but is more likely to mean the opposite. In spoken English "keeping a straight face" (not smiling ) while talking like this is considered funny.

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