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    I need to know the meaning of the Idioms above and if there is another examples like them :
    1.Someone who is as cool as cucumber doesnt get upset or worried.
    2.If you'd do something at the drop of a hat...
    3.if someone takes donkey's years .
    4.If something had gone down the pan,it has failled .
    5.If you take to something like a duck takes to water ,you have a natural talent for it .
    6.If you take the bull by the horns,you deal with a problem directly.
    7.If you talk out of your hat, you talk nonsense.
    8.If someone tells you to keep your hair on.
    9.If you go dutch when paying bill
    10. If you work like a dog ,you work very hard indeed .
    Thank you for help

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    Re: Idiom

    You can consult these websites:
    english idioms dictionary - Buscar con Google

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    Re: Idiom

    If you look on the left of your screen, you'll see the link to English Idioms.

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