Nowadays people all over the world are trying to find ways to improve their academic achievement. Academic achievement has large influences on future of the individual and also the society. Every human being has their own academic achievement, it can start from nothing to a large amount, but in this way he contacts a lot of difficulties and he must use many strategies to attain what he wants.
Each work has its challenges that make it hard to be success. Challenges maybe depend directly or appear from other sides. Financial problem is the current and also certain challenge that in most achievement we must deal with it, in order to get many references and information or practice and examine some projects we must pay money that in total it is so much for a students. Parental involvement is another problem. They want to decide instead of their children to choose their field and like to see them in popular and grand field without considering their children’s interest that perhaps makes a student confused of incoherence between his opinion and his parent so it makes his problems double. Indeed there are many problems in achieving academic success that make the way rough to reach the top point.
Near these problems there are many strategies that help us to manage our plan in the way of academic success and make it the smooth path. Some of these tactics are needed to consider from the beginning of study and others are the solutions for the duration of it. One of them is working while studying such as getting a half time work in library or something like this so it not only solves some of the financial problems but also has some other advantages like communicate with others. Another strategy is studying regularly, taking notes clearly and listening to the teacher carefully. In this way we can analyze and evaluate the information we get in class that if we do these correctly and improve it day to day, certainly we are on true way. By using proper strategies we can achieve our study’s goals in an easier and more accurate manner.
Facing to problems in every work is common but the important thing is how to deal with it or solve it. The best way to eliminate the obstacle is the appropriate strategies that make the way smooth. In my idea the significant thing to get academic success is using the experiments and strategies of who pass these difficulties before and now he attains his achievement.