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    Red face thanks Alc112

    i am saudi (from the kingdom of saudi arabia) i wish i know spanish it seems a nice language but english is the most important language in my countrey besides arabic (the mother tounge)
    i got the point but i have another problem .it is called (( speaking)) . last sunday i gave a presentation about a museum i had visited ( it was a lie ) i made lots of mistakes in using words . as a result my teacher got angry . now i have to give another one . would you please help me . it is atour about a city or any place i visited ( or read about) if you are spanish tell me abouy your countrey ( i mean Alc112) or any one one from any countrey want to help i will be thankful i need about 10 sentences full of adjectives . i have to give it tomorrow to give my moody teacher good impression about me

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    Re: thanks Alc112


    You don't have to write about a real place, you know. You can write about a place or site you visited on the Web, like this site UsingEnglish. Talk about your experience here, who you met, talked to, where they are from. Use adjectives to describe the look of this site, how it helps students, and, also, to describe the people you've met. You need not use this site. You can use any site online. The best speeches or books are written by people who know what they are talking about, so write about what you know.

    All the best, :D


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