Different wall, floor and ceiling covering systems may be installed depending on the use that each room of the building is adressed to.

On an access flooring system the underfloor space is used for different installations (electrical, telecom, etc.) so it is highly indicated for office spaces, hospitals or computer rooms. Easily accesible receptacles are provided allowing different distributions of desks and workstation. The system consists of modular flooring panels (multiple finishs are avalaible: carpet, stone, wood, vinyl, linoleum, etc.) supported on adjustable pedestals. The panels may be manually removed so a free access to the installations is possible for maintenance or any other reason.

Traditional systems such as tile, wood, terrazo or carpet flooring require a regular base to avoid eventual uneveness of the structure. This base can consist of a mortar bed for tile, terrazo and similar materials or wood runners and plywood panels for wood or carpet finishs. Expansion joints have to be installed against walls along the perimeter of the room. These joints are concealed by baseboards fixed to the walls.