Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

My alarm-clock didn’t go off at eight as usual!
It must have been damaged during the unloading of the truck. The removal men were very careless.
The alarm clock went off at six o'clock and woke Father.
go off = make noise, sound, especially abruptly ; ring out; to begin to ring or buzz

The firecracker went off and scared Jack's dog.
go off = to be fired; explode

The party went off without any trouble.
The parade went off without rain.
go off = to happen

Marian went off in a huff just because Jeff failed to open the door for her.
go off in a huff = to depart in anger

Bill often goes off half cocked.
Mr. Jones was thinking about quilting his job, but his wife told him not to go at half cock.

go off half cocked = to act or speak before getting ready; to do something too soon

Here’s a form for you to fill up. Don’t forget to fill in your name.
The lake is filling up after this heavy rain.
You have to fill up a form.
We must fill up, we're nearly out of petrol.
fill up = make out

Reading fills up my evening.
fill up = fill in

We must fill up all the buckets we can find.
fill up = fill out

All parts of the theater were quickly filled up.
The theater filled up rapidly.
Fill her up! (her = car) (fill up tank)

You have to fill up all holes with sand.
Be sure to fill in your salary history.
You have to fill in your name.
fill in = complete something, especially by supplying more information or detail

I can't come but my wife will fill in for me.
I'm just filling in here temporarily for him.
He often filled in in emergencies for me.
fill in for = take someone's place, substitute for

How am I going to fill in this afternoon now that he's not coming?
fill in = spend; pass (time)

Please fill me in on what happened at the meeting that I couldn't attend.
I was filled in on the latest development. (I was gained information…)
fill in = give information

You have to fill in the old fireplace in your home.
The harbor is gradually filling in.
You must to fill in omitted names.

Thank you for your efforts.