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    work at / in a bank


    1) When will we use "work in"?
    2) When will we use "work at"?
    3) Which sentences are corect?

    I work in a bank
    I work at a bank
    I work in ABC Ltd
    I work at ABC Ltd


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    Re: work at / in a bank

    There is often no difference.

    You would use "in" to imply you are part of the organization, and not stress the location; or you would use "in" to specify that you have an inside job. A doorman, for example, works at a hotel; the front desk clerk works in a hotel.

    You would use "at" to stress the location. "I work at Sears downtown."

    We use "in" to speak of a general industry. "I work in travel" or "I work in stocks and bonds."

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