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Thread: Its or It's?

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    Re: Its or It's?

    it's is the short term for "it is"
    its used to show a possession of "it"

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    Smile Re: Its or It's?

    IT'S is the shortened version for IT IS or IT HAS.
    Examples using IT'S:
    It's very cold outside today.
    It's so nice to meet you.
    Did you hear it's going to rain?
    It's been a long time time since I have seen her.

    ITS is a posessive pronoun.
    Examples using ITS:
    The dog ate its bone.
    I love Norway for its beautiful mountains.
    The company is going bankrupt. Its employees are scared they'll lose their jobs.
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    Re: Its or It's?

    I would say It's

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    Exclamation Re: Its or It's?

    I think the answer is it's

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    Exclamation Applied linguistics

    what is Applied linguistics?

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    Re: Applied linguistics

    I dont know but I to would like the answer to that one.

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    Re: Its or It's?

    I like the first one but I am always write the second I donít know why?

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    Re: Its or It's?

    Yup, "It's" stands for "It has" or "It is". Possesive apostrophies are incorrect when used with "It".

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    Re: Its or It's?

    im not sure with my answer yet but i just check when i go home on the other if any one observe any wrong grammar or spellling your free to tell me... hehehehe thankx

  6. sheena55ro

    Re: Its or It's?

    The poor dog bit its tail. - its = possessive adjective
    It`s been long since I last saw him - it`s = it has [auxiliary]
    It`s just another question - it`s = it is

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