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    Smile Preposition "ON"

    Dear Teachers,

    1. I will phone you in Sunday morning.

    I know I should use "on" instead of "in", just like:

    2. I will phone you on Sunday morning.

    However, I write it by intuition because my mother tongue is not English and I really phone you sometime inside that period, may be just for a few minutes or an hour, but not the whole morning.

    Please guide me to your interpretation in the sense using "on" in second sentence.

    I am much obliged to you for your guidance.

    Happy chinese new year to all.
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    Re: Preposition "ON"

    Though i'm not a teacher i'll try to help you

    I will phone you on sunday.

    That sentence would do

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    Re: Preposition "ON"


    Please not not a teacher nor a native speaker,

    There is not much of logic when we talk about prepositions.

    In your example it is "on Monday morning" and it as you said refers to any time in the morning on Monday,
    It seems that more importance is paid to the day of the week than to the specific part of that day.

    Regardless of which part of the day we are talking about morning, afternoon, evening or night it would be still on Monday .....
    even though we use different preposition when the day is known

    in the morning
    in the afternoon
    in the evening
    at night


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