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    Printable Crosswords of Common English Sayings

    Hi! I'm creating crosswords that you can use to learn and practice common English sayings and proverbs. They are printable and, on the second page of the printout, contain a list of all the sayings used in the crossword and their meanings for further study. You can download them here:

    crossword - Learn English Communicatively - WordSpark

    I am going to make a crossword for every letter of the alphabet, so be sure to bookmark my site, Learn English Communicatively - WordSpark to be able to download the new ones as they come out.

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy them!

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    Re: Printable Crosswords of Common English Sayings

    Hi,great job BMJ1 !
    Just wanted to thank you and to say hello.
    Have a good luck.

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