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Mathematics can always be someone’s nightmare, yet it is undoubtedly my favourite subject. Studying both Pure Maths and Applied Maths in A level has been the most fulfilling part in my school life by providing me a solid mathematics background. In the vast area of Mathematics, I am particularly interested in its application in Finance and Economics. Thereby I am looking forward to further my studies in these areas.

Knowing the essence of balance between academics and extra-curricular activities, I am eager to participate in various activities. The experience of being the chairman of Business Studies Club and Voyage Society has enhanced my leadership and sense of cooperation. It also provided me with opportunities to put my knowledge in real-life situation. Last year, we have organized a fruit stall in the open day. We tried to have our stall operated in different modes with varying strategy. The “experiment” came out with surprising result and I cherish such fruitful event very much.

Apart from the internal club activities, I have taken part in several external competitions. My enthusiasm was rewarded in CityU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Challenge 09/10. My group succeeds to be one of the very few teams in HK that enter the semi-final and we will be facing competitors from all over the world in June 2010.

Among all the events, I am especially proud to be a school representative in Indoor Rowing. As a qualified instructor, I used to help promote Indoor Rowing in my school. Though I am not amongst the top athletes, I find it enjoyable to compete for glory on behalf of my school. I sincerely hope I may represent my university in the future.

I will be very grateful if I can be admitted to your school and I promise I will strive to achieve higher.