The map renders that the two positions of a new supermarket probably be located at north-west in countryside or in Town Centere. Generally, those two placements that could bring different sources of customers, relying not only residents but also other state of people by Main roads and trains.

First of all, when supermarket in Town Center be established that could attract other customers coming from Hindon, Bransdon and Cransdon. In contrast, locating at countryside, even though supermarket cares for partial habitants in Garlsdon, but only people who lives in Bransdon is hardly direct to reach to. Looking at the map, there is a railway go through the Garlsdon that is efficiently for people who live in Cransdon and Hindon arriving to in either those two sites.

The main roads also facilitate for individuals in Hindon to arrive at north-west supermarket. On the other hand, comsumers in Bransdon and Cransdon have to drive quite as 16km and 25km to arrive.