Nowadays almost everyone has a pet in their house.Some people have a parrot or a rabbit, other prefer to grow a cat or dog. I ,also, have a pet. it is a cat. My uncle presented it on my birthday. It lives about 6 years in our house and we love it and we spoil it.
I agree that young children should have a pet in order to become sensitive and caring. I think that the dog is the most suitable pet for young children. Dogs teach children to pity, to take care of other, to feel a responsibility and to love. When children are playing and talking with the dog, they learn to communicate. Else such children are easier to socialize with other and they quickly find friends. But children's, who prone to be one, the best friend is a dog.
Nowadays the number of homeless dogs is increasing in Lithuania. Often people do not want to foster their pets or they do not have a chance to grow them so people decide to drive them out of their home. There are several pet's coverts, where are being grown homeless pets. I am so sorry to see them and I am surprised for people's indifference and cruelty. I think that everyone who saw a homeless pet, should drive them to the covert. Then the number of homeless dogs will reduce.
In conclusion I want to say that the dog is the best human friend. People should care for and supervise them. Everyone must first reflect on whether the dog can grow with them and then only to buy it.