Dear All,

I am writing a paragraph on topic "My first Plane Experience". I would appreciate if someone comment on grammar and sentence structure of my writing:

It was around 2 weeks back matter, I needed to travel a place to visit my friends. Usually, I took bus to travel places but I was travelling by plane this time. My flight was scheduled at 9:30 AM and I needed to check in the airport by 8:30 AM. I had planned to buy the ticket in the early morning and check in the airport. I slept early at night thinking that I would wake up early in the morning. I got up around 7:00 AM and rushed to the bathroom to take a light bath. After that, I took a public transportation to reach at airport. It took around 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach at the airport, using the public transportation. There were numbers of travel agency in front of the airport and I bought a ticket from an agency. It was already 8:30 AM by that time and I again rushed to reach at the airport. I had traveled several time across the airport road but I hadn't got any opportunity to go inside it so, I was completely unaware of airport's inside. I asked the police standing at the entrance door. He pointed me the direction to the counter and I followed his point. Finally, I was checked in into the airport. From the very beginning of the airport, I needed to pass the security check. I placed my bags into the X-ray machine and police had manually checked my body. After passing these security checks, I was allowed to enter into the my airlines counter. I was asked to pay the tax, when I paid the tax and presented the receipt then they give a boarding pass. I entered a cabin like waiting room thinking lots of new thoughts. When I entered into the cabin, a lady announced that my flight was delayed my 1 and half hour. It's rather pretty and I didn't have any option besides waiting for couple of hours. I saw a canteen inside the waiting room but there price is rather daunting. The price at the cabin is almost six times higher than the normal price. I still bought a cup of tea for time pass. Finally, the flight was announced at 11:00 AM. The flight was around 55 minutes and the journey is rather comfortable. Although I was bored due to flight delay, I was satisfied because of the safe and enjoyable environment inside the airplane.