Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

We have to bring John to his level!
bring somebody to his level = knock arrogance with somebody

We have to put somebody on place to rise to higher levels.
The jet-fighter gives a level.
give a level = go in horizontal flight

The floor was level.
level (adj.) = even
He leaned over the counter so his face was almost level with the boy's. (located one level (with something))

He leaned across rack, so his face was almost flush with face boy.

Amy knelt down so that their eyes were level.
Amy sank to knees, and their eyes were on the same level.
I have done my best to keep level with the latest results of foreign investigation.

I tried keep up most recent overseas studies.
The teams were level at the end of extra time.
In additional time team equaled in the account.
level = same, equal

She gave him a level look.
It firmly on it looked.
level = steady

He quietly forced his voice to remain level.
level = still, balanced to speak in level tones

The horses ran level with one another.
The horses fled head to head.
level = even, abreast

Further tremors could level more buildings.
Follow tremors could to destroy more houses.
The city was leveled by one atomic bomb.
level = destroy

The storm leveled sugar plantations and destroyed homes.
Hurricane completely destroyed the sugar plantations and destroyed home.

Iglesias scored twice to level the score.
Iglesias won two points and equalized.
level = equalize

He said thousands of Koreans still levelled guns at one another along the demilitarised zone.
He said that thousands Koreans still send guns against another in the demilitarized zone.
level = aim (at)

A charge of robbery was leveled against the jewel thief.
level against = lay claim to

Allegations of corruption were leveled at him and his family.
He and his family were hurled accusations of corruption.
level = aim, direct

I'll level with you, I'm no great detective.
I should be with you frank, I am not a great detective.
level = frank

He has leveled with the American people about his role in the affair.
He honestly told the American people about its role in this case.
level = tell the truth to

Thank you for your efforts.