In my opinion the best kind of transport is a car. The reason why I am thinking this way is simple driving by a car make me independent. I donít waste a time waiting for my car like for others transport like: bus, plane or train. I donít hurry up because I will never be late for my car and I can do break when I need. Naturally if the trip will take more than 14 hours better is to take a plane, but still on the airport I would rent a car.
The worse transport for me is a train because I have to get to a station by other transport, I have to be on time, and the hours of arrives never suit me. Sometimes the train was late and many times I read in the newspaper that it was broken. Trains in Ireland are going only between big towns or cities, so if I would like to get to a small town I have to take some other transport what can be a big problem.