In order to answer the question what form of transport is the best it is necessary to answer oneself question how far we are going to come off. If the travel is really long it is worthwhile choosing the plane. I for example very much often travel from Ireland to Poland and I always choose the plane because the flight lasts 3 hours. If chose so that I filled the car in order to ok 40 hours. A destination is also important because if you go on holiday and you want to visit the country I think that a car is the best form of transport. Driving by car you are independent, you can reach everywhere and at any time of the day, alone you establish the course of the trip for yourself. In my opinion it isn't possible explicitly to answer that some means of transport are good. Everything depends from the destination of our travel, from what we want to get choosing given form of transport.
I cannot explicitly what means of transport show is worst. I think that the usefulness of given means of transport depends from using it. If for example we want to set out on a journey to from Ireland to China of course we won't choose it of the bus, the train, the bicycle or the car because the journey will take so long. So in this case she recognised so that I exchanged means of transport as bad. But if we imagine that we go to the organised trip with the guide I think that the coach is very good means of transport, because during the ride from one place toured on second the entire group is in one place and getting lost doesn't threaten its. The way I recalled earlier for me every means of transport aren't supposed perhaps to be both bad and good, what purpose everything depends to we will exploit him.