I have written a paragraph comparing the manual and the online system. I would appreciate it if someone would comment on the sentence structure and grammar of my writing.

There are many advantages of the online system over the manual system. The manual system is tedious and it is more error prone in comparison to the online system. We can handle our work much efficiently with the online system and it helps to save our time and money. The popularity of the online system is increasing day by day and most of the systems are being computerized nowadays. Now, you can buy your movie ticket through the online system, you needn't go to the several office to pay your monthly utilities bill etc. You can just login into the system and pay instantly bills thus living the hassle free life. The online system is especially useful for getting information instantly. US department of Homeland and Security is using the online system to track the status of all the foreign student. Imagine, is it possible to know the status of millions of students if there is no such online system? Definitely answer is not. Another advantage of the online system is it is not as error prone as the manual system. When people need to do the same job then they usually make mistake, which causes the problem in information representation. The online system avoids such error and makes the life easier. Our life will be really green when everything is done through computer and there is no paper work.